Science writer jobs australia investigator

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Science writer jobs australia investigator

July 27, at 8: To earn a profit, one must create a value that you are willing to trade with another creator of value for the value they have created.

They must equally be willing to trade value for value. The trade is accomplished as a win for both parties in the trade. The profit accrues to both parties in that they value what they received more than they gave in the trade.

science writer jobs australia investigator

A measure of profit for each party is the the difference between the cost to create the value given and the cost to create the value received.

When money is used as a medium of exchange, the monetary value of the profit is the difference between the monetary cost to produce the value given and the monetary value received by selling the value received in the trade.

Without true profit, there is no production. For example, you plant a pounds of potatoes, later you harvest only pounds of potatoes. There is no net gain in potatoes and you lost the cost of planting, harvesting, and a season of caring for the crop.

This lost must be paid for by prior profits from actual production either saved or borrowed. In a very real sense, profit is simply the cost of having the capacity of producing in the future.


Not the least of which is the labor theory of value in which the value of a good or service is equal to the brute labor it took to produce it. Forgotten in the theory is the value of the knowledge, skill, intellectual property, trade secrets, facilities, capital equipment, and management that focuses the labor and makes it both efficient and effective.

This is presumed to be of no value yet it is the source of all values created. Without them, brute labor produces nothing. This is part of our challenge to be precise and accurate in our use of language. This is necessary to avoid the many double bind equivocation traps set to justify taking your stuff without paying for it.

Reality is real, it is what it is, and your words must point to real things that actually exist. Otherwise you are part of the problem. To live, man must produce the values necessary for living. To have a future, man must profit from his trading of value for value.

This is the nature of man and is relationship to reality.Feb 14,  · The list is pretty large as science of one sort or another exists in almost every industry. Biological, Chemical, Aerospace, any number of teaching jobs, Physics, etc You may want to narrow the field a bit with some additional Resolved.

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science writer jobs australia investigator

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