Research paper on purchase intention

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Research paper on purchase intention

Purchase Intention, Buying Behavior, Brand Image, Word-of-Mouth Abstract This study specifically investigates the factors affecting purchase intention and the behavior shown by customers while purchasing laptops.

The study is based on a primary data collected from students from different courses in Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India.

The data is analyzed using various statistical tools and methods. The study has examined various factors affecting purchase intention and behavior of students towards laptops such as Brand Image, Price, Actual Attributes, Past Experience, Brand Switching, and Word-of-Mouth.

The results of the study reveal that while purchasing laptops, students make decisions giving the highest priority to actual attributes and brand image, followed by price, past experience and Word-of-Mouth.

Research paper on purchase intention

The study will significantly prove to be of great help to the marketers in understanding how different factors influence consumer purchase intentions and behavior, so that marketers consider these factors accordingly while framing effective strategies to trigger the purchase intention of students and increase the sales among them.

Introduction With the advent of globalization, education of global standard has become a must. India is not an exception to this. On one hand, it has granted a wide basket of options to the consumers to choose from, but in parallel has also made the decision- making tough, grim and grisly.

Kotler and Kelleriv state that consumer buying behavior is the study of the ways of buying and disposing of goods, services, ideas or experiences by the individuals, groups and organizations in order to satisfy their needs and wants. Buying behavior is the whole gamut to which all the marketing strategies respond.

A marketer always tries to learn the dynamic buying behavior of the targeted consumers to respond accordingly.

Brand switching behavior can make hurdles in such moves which need to be tackled down by marketing tactics. Literature Review Geisler and Hoangidentified five steps in the decision process to purchase IT: The authors conclude that services companies follow a relatively logical and analyzable decision process.

Zajas and Crowleyhave identified two main reasons for which branding has become an important attributes in purchase decision of laptops. These risks will increase the chances of problems such as further costs, interruptions to supply continuity, unexpected side- effect or quality deficiencies.

Secondly, the product features differentiation actually has been observed by the inexperienced computer consumers. Therefore, consumers seek the products with excellent reliability and service that often accompanies well-respected brand names.

For this reason, this particular context presents a good case study opportunity to examine the relationship between brand equity and consumer behavior. In another research conducted by Kim et al.

Rockman SaulStates that laptop is changing the attitude of the student and they consider laptop as a personal environment for learning. Students in laptop programs often have a greater level of autonomy, independence and responsibility rather than they ever had before.

By Rinal B Shahit was found that perceived quality and brand loyalty had a significant positive direct effect on brand equity in purchases of laptops. It had the strongest impact which indicated the essential role of development of perceived quality and brand loyalty in minds of customers to build brand equity for laptop brands.

According to Vijay R. This study, therefore, focuses on following objectives: To study various factors which most significantly affect Purchase Intention and Buying Behavior of students while purchasing laptops.

To study how various factors affecting Purchase Intention and Buying Behavior are ranked by students while purchasing laptops.

To investigate the relationship between Purchase Intention and various factors affecting Purchase Intention of students while purchasing laptops.

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Research Methodology For this study, young adult students Undergraduates and above were randomly selected from various departments and centers of Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India using purposive sampling. The sample size selected was Self-administered questionnaires were given to respondents either in hand or through email and Facebook.

The research instrument used in this study is the self-administered questionnaire, which included different sections and scales for different variables. Various statistical techniques and methods such as descriptive statistics, correlation, and ranking etc.

Research paper on purchase intention

Thus effective pricing supported by after sale service and related discounts is of paramount importance for marketers to consider while framing their marketing strategies so that customers spread a positive word-of-mouth after having a satisfactory experience with their products.

Correlation analysis was done to understand the relationship between various factors Independent Variable and Purchase intention Dependent Variable. The correlation analysis is depicted in Table 4 below; Table PI Pearson Correlation 1 0.

Independent variables have positive linear relationship to the dependent variable. Discussion and Conclusion This study is carried out to examine the factors affecting purchase intention and the behavior shown by customers while purchasing laptops.

The study further reveals that students sometimes go for a change when it comes to choosing a brand but the actual attributes and price sensitiveness is always considered to be critical. Results of the study also signify that students prefer purchasing laptops through store outlets rather than purchasing online.Main purpose of the research is to be found if there is a positive relationship among the following factors: source credibility in SM and user attitude in travel purchase intention, information reliability in SM and user attitude in travel purchase intention, user enjoyment while searching for travel information, perceived value in travel.

Consumer Purchase Intention Research Based on Social Media Marketing Maoyan this paper discusses the characteristics of consumer purchase intention on Social Media Marketing environment, analyses the main factors of Social Media Marketing affecting consumer purchase intention, that is, the external factors and internal factors perception.

Purchase intention: Purchase intention is defined as an “individual`s readiness and willingness to purchase a certain product or service”.iii Purchase intention is an important aspect not only for consumers but for marketers as well. motivating online purchase intention in Thailand.

This research utilizes a quantitative method to test the conceptual framework of customer satisfaction that leads to online purchase intentions for all online users, experienced online purchasers and inexperienced online purchasers.

Research paper on purchase intention

The results of this research. Y. Zhang 61 ception now has incorporated emotional branding into it. In the unprecedentedly competitive marketplace, brand emotion is the bond between the brand and the customer, and the key to expanding the market.

The research identified five factors that influence consumers' purchase decision of low-price private label brands are brand, brand related activities (advertisement & word of mouth), perception, attitude.

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