Project finlit

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Project finlit

Moneytainment Edutainment Inspirement lab Watch the video Moneytainment Financial and management skills are among the most important competencies for people in the 21st century. Despite this, it is only rarely found in school curricula. The moneytainment knowledge mediated by the OK Project makes up for this shortcoming in a motivating environment.

It provides an inspirational system of means which is constantly updated and features renewed edutainment content. Edutainment The meaning of edutainment in advanced pedagogical practice is to learn and teach in an entertaining manner.

It embraces all methods and procedures that interpret learning as a form of acquiring experience.

Similarly to playing with Lego blocks or the Rubic Cube, this, too, is a stimulating activity. A portable device that forwards all important content to the holder and keeps it there. Inspirement lab The inspirement lab, in which children and young adults learn and carry out project work, opens dimensions that are unconventional in a traditional educational context.

It is designed to construct personalised worlds that are unique to every learner. The inspirational environment represented by the OK Educational Centre and the OK Project is therefore outstandingly effective, engaging and provides the learners with memorable experiences.

Why iGeneration Political aspect Global and local iGeneration The communication and knowledge acquisition customs of the generation born after fundamentally differ from former practices.

Pedagogical, psychological and other related inter-disciplinary research indicates that this generation exists in different dimensions. We planned the content and developed the OK Project with the aim to satisfy these needs, expecting that our young learners will treat us in the same way as we treat them, as equals.

Dissolving the contradictory interest dimensions is, for the most part, extremely difficult. The modular system and financing mechanisms of the OK Project planned for the iGen help to ease these conflicts.

With clear messages and transparent content, political decision-makers, the IGen target group and the voters can and do reach the measurable political and electoral success dimensions. Global and local The notion of global citizenship frequently contradicts with national conscience.

Accordingly, this conflict is also non-existent in the OK Project and the content handles the dual values of the financial, economic and management skills together, as one. The OK Project content — created by taking into consideration UNESCO recommendations and standards — can simultaneously provide responses to global and local enquiries.

This is a multi-dimensional financial and management puzzle whose results are visible, tangible and measurable. The content, including formal elements that are compulsory knowledge in your country, state or region, can be incorporated into the scheme or rebuilt at your request.Each project site will use a pre- and post- training survey that will include knowledge based questions designed to assess the extent to which participants have acquired new knowledge.

Survey questions must be directly linked to pre-defined learning objectives.

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Finlit is a new abbreviation of the expression financial literacy, the ability to understand language and issues relating to finance so that you can make informed . Please describe how the proposed project will address the problem(s) identified in the Needs Statement.

Objectives should be stated in clear, measurable terms. Be sure to include the number of students to be served and the projected number of instructional hours to be provided.

Project finlit

SKS serves as a site for many research projects and collaborates with Finnish and foreign universities. In addition SKS is the home of the Biographical Centre and Edith – Critical Editions of Finnish Literature. Diversity in Finland (Research and Publication Project ). The purpose of this report is to assess the level of financial literacy throughout Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties and determine whether certain financial and.

2 GMW last year Individuals are increasingly in charge of their financial well-being Changes in the pension landscape hd ddl A new economic landscape More choice and more individual accounts Changes in the labor markets Increased mobility Changes in the financial markets Increased complexity More opportunities to borrowMore opportunities to borrow.

Financial Literacy