Porous silicon thesis

Sep 10 - Darfield earthquake damages Canterbury "Information so far suggests that the fault is pre-existing, and a patch has been reactivated during the Darfield earthquake.

Porous silicon thesis

May 22, Thi Mai Hoa Luong Safety evaluation of truss structures depends upon the determination of the axial forces and corresponding stresses in axially loaded members. Due to presence of damages, change in intended use, increase in service loads or accidental actions, structural assessment of existing truss structures is necessary.

Porous silicon thesis

This applies particularly to iron and steel trusses that are still in use, including historic and heritage monuments. Precise identification of the stresses plays a crucial role for the preservation of historic trusses.

The assessment measures require non—destructiveness, minimum intervention and practical applicability. The axial forces in truss structures can be estimated by static calculations Apr 20, Oded Sobol For almost years it is known that hydrogen has a deleterious effect on the mechanical properties of metallic components.


Nowadays, the problem of hydrogen assisted degradation is highly relevant in energy related fields due to the massive use of steel as a structural component in these applications and its sensitivity to hydrogen.

Since the discovery of hydrogen assisted cracking HACresearchers studied intensively and suggested possible explanations and mechanisms in order to define how hydrogen is affecting the material.

In general, it is considered that hydrogen changes the mechanical properties more in terms of ductility deformation capacities than in strength load capacities.

Um diesen Effekt zu optimieren, werden in dieser Arbeit thermomechanische Designoptionen analysiert und Stellschrauben der Programmierung diskutiert. Feb 27, Lidia Oberleitner Pharmacologically active compounds are omnipresent in contemporary daily life, in our food and in our environment.

The fast and easy quantification of those substances is becoming a subject of global importance. The fluorescence polarization immunoassay FPIA is a homogeneous mix-and-read format and a suitable tool for this purpose that offers a high sample throughput. Yet, the applicability to complex matrices can be limited by possible interaction of matrix compounds with antibodies or tracer.

Caffeine is one of the most frequently consumed pharmacologically active compounds and is present in a large variety of consumer products, including beverages and cosmetics.

Adverse health effects of Feb 15, Lei Zhang High-strength steels are favoured materials in the industry for production of safe and sustainable structures. The main technology used for joining the components of such steel is fusion welding.

Steel alloy design concepts combined with advanced processing technologies have been extensively investigated during the development of High-Strength Low-Alloy HSLA steels.

However, very few studies have addressed the issue of how various alloy designs, even with limited microalloy addition, can influence the properties of high-strength steel welds. In high-strength steel welding practices, the challenges regarding microstructure evolution and the resulting mechanical properties variation, are of Dec 8, Sarah Drzymala Trans-Zearalenone ZEN is a non-steroidal estrogenic mycotoxin which frequently contaminates cereal grains worldwide.

Ingestion of food and feed containing ZEN causes numerous mycotoxicoses in animals and possibly humans with pronounced estrogenic effects. Due to the trans-configurated double bond, ZEN isomerizes to the cis-configuration upon the influence of light. The first part focused on the determination of ZEN in edible oils.

A comprehensive method comparison proved dynamic covalent hydrazine Nov 29, Tristan Herbst Mit der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde ein methodisches Konzept zur ganzheitlichen Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung des Abbruchs und der Aufbereitung von Mauerwerk bereitgestellt. Das Bewertungskonzept basiert im Kern auf der Kosten-WirksamkeitsanalyseABSTRACT.

Adhesion between tiles and mortars are crucial to the stability of ceramic tile systems. From the chemical point of view, weak forces such as van der Waals forces and hydrophilic interactions are expected to be developed preferably at the tiles and polymer modified Portland cement mortar interface.

Autologous bone graft is the gold standard clinical material for bone regeneration in term of osteoconduction and osteoinduction. However, limited availability and donor site morbidity are concerned. Research: Work Homepage; Curriculum Vitae; Short Bio; Research Group Website; Research advise from Dave Patterson on how to have a bad career in Research/Academia.

Die vollständige Bibliografie finden Sie im Publikationsserver der BAM (PUBLICA).. Messen im Bauwesen Nov 20, Der Tagungsband zur Fachtagung „Messen im Bauwesen“ enthält die Beiträge der Autoren zum diesjährigen Thema „Messtechnische Anwendungen und deren Einbindung in digitale Bauwerksmodelle“ enthält.

Silicon nitride is a chemical compound of the elements silicon and nitrogen.

Characterisation of Materials

Si 3 N 4 is the most thermodynamically stable of the silicon nitrides. Hence, Si 3 N 4 is the most commercially important of the silicon nitrides and is generally understood as what is being referred to where the term "silicon nitride" is used.

It is a white, high-melting-point solid that is relatively chemically.

Porous silicon thesis

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