Managing organizations boeing essay

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Managing organizations boeing essay

It was founded in and was leading supplier of military airplanes used in the world wars by USA. The company success is attributed to its long history of manufacturing products that meets the customer needs responsibly.

It has been able to integrate modern technology and facilitating customers in their financing options. The success of the company has also been due to its capability of leveraging talents in employment of Managing organizations boeing essay skilled workforce in all the departments.

The company employs more thanemployees across United States. Boeing has been able to embrace diversity and talent in its workforce, to enhance innovation.

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The organization of the company is divided into two business units, which are Boeing commercial airplanes and Boeing defense, space and security.

Other multinational department in the company like Boeing Capital Corporation and Boeing Engineering, Operations and technology supplements the two business units Yenne, They oversee the strategic direction of the company and ensure the company formulates policies that will enhance its competitive advantage.

Moreover, they facilitate the process of making long-term decisions for the whole company by integrating the operations of the two business units and the various departments.

Communication is essential in decision-making and achievement objectives of any organization. Essentiality of Communication in dissemination of information in any organization cannot be downplayed since the employees will need to communicate Managing organizations boeing essay their managers on the various issues arising from the working environment.

Similarly, the managers need to communicate the various policies that affect the workers in their working environment. The shareholders of the company need constant and consistent information on the performance of the company.

To ensure timely and consistency dissemination of information in Boeing, the senior vice presidents have been given the duties of enhancing strategic dissemination of information to various stakeholders globally.

The organization has been divided into two business units; Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, space and security. In addition, global and internal departments supplement these business units. The global departments include the Boeing capital corporation, which provide finance to Boeing internationally.

Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology is another international department. It defines and implements corporate strategies to enhance functional and technical efficiency, through adoption of modern technology. This department enhances maintenance of health and safety, management of environment and ensuring quality assurance.

Development of information technology systems in the global operations of the company are also maintained by this department. The Shared Group Services is a department that allows the business units to focus on profitability by provision of infrastructural services to enhance their global activities.

The group offers a variety of services to the business units, which include transport, site preparation and construction. It offers comprehensive travel services and facilitates management, sale and acquisition of property in the global operations.

Boeing policy of promoting the people has enhanced development of leaders; this was developed from the policy of enhancing employee growth and development of employees skills. The development of the employees has been carried out through various capacity building forums, trainings and development opportunities.

Managing organizations boeing essay

This increases the performance and job satisfaction of the employees. Transformational leadership embraced by Boeing has increased employees motivation, which has led to improved performance of the employees and improved efficiency of the organization.

The company has a policy of developing models that will respond to the current needs of the aerospace and ensure safety and security of the air transport. The growth of technology is a major area that presents potential for growth for any company. Therefore, Boeing through its global department of Engineering, operations and technology has facilitated adoption of sustainable modern technology to enhance its competitiveness.

The company has also received support from USA government, the support of the government has created myriad of opportunities for the company. The creation of a political goodwill between the company and government has facilitated the company with information on the current needs in the defense and space security.

The issue of security in air travel has been a current trend especially the increased terrorist activities that have affected air travel have led the company to initiate innovations that will enhance improvement of security in air travel.

The increased use of the satellite by countries and companies in information and technology has led the company to rethink of new development to the satellite and information systems development Havaldar, The global business environment is a major concern to the company, since it is a multinational company.

The company has to predict future growth of the sales and potential areas upon which it can gain a competitive advantage. The prediction of future business environment of the company depends upon the evaluation of current data on global economic environment.

Decision-Making and Communication Networks in Boeing The dynamic business environment facing organizations in the globalizing economies has led organizations to rethink their decision-making processes and information management.Free Essay: Overview William Boeing founded the Boeing Company in in Puget Sound, Washington.

William had modest goals as a young Yale engineering. Organization Management. Assignment.

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Some CEOs are founders and builders. Others have the luxury of managing momentum through a stable economy or a period when business models aren’t. With local presence and a global vision, Boeing people are at the heart of our tradition of leadership and innovation.

We serve customers in countries by delivering top quality technical and professional services through organizations that bring to bear “the best of Boeing” every day.

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Managing organizations boeing essay

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