Major research paper length

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. Three microbial biotrol, dipel and thuricide and three chemical insecticides monocrotophos, endosulfan and carbaryl were compared for efficacy on four major lepidopterans and their natural enemies in replicated field trials at Moor Plantation, Ibadan. Thuricide was evaluated at different combinations with monocrotophos in a second trial.

Major research paper length

To be determined by the Administration To be determined by the Administration To be determined by the Administration Procedure General information During the major research paper MRPthe student must show the ability to work independently in a scholarly manner.

The MRP does not have to make a significant original contribution to academic knowledge of the subject, but it must display extensive research and independent analysis.

Major research paper length

Students must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the literature relating to the topic. Use of original data or primary sources is not required, but may be done where necessary. The subject of the major research paper must fit within the parameters of public and international affairs.

Supervisors will be able to advise whether chosen topics are appropriate. First Year Registration of Research Paper topic and appointment of research supervisor Students should begin consulting with faculty in the fall semester of their first year on possible major research paper topics.

They will be provided with a form named Registration of Research Paper Topic and Appointment of Research Supervisor in the middle of the winter semester of the first year on which they must indicate their chosen topic and their supervisor of choice.

This form needs to be signed by the previous and the new supervisor. The only exception to this rule applies to the session in which a student is doing an embassy internship abroad or is in a COOP placement. The following semester the student must resume registration to the MRP until the submission of the final copy.

The MRP must be submitted to the academic unit by the deadline corresponding to the session, at the latest. Thus, if they have not submitted their document before the deadline they must register for the following session see Table deadlines. Once registered in the major research paper, students must consult regularly with their supervisor.

Research proposal Students registered or not to the major research papermust submit a research proposal to the MRP supervisor who will determine a date to do so during the fall semester of their second year of study.

Major research paper length

The proposal should outline the research question and its importance, specify the proposed sources, and state the methodology or analytical approach the student intends to use one to two pages. No extension will be granted.

Late submissions—even being a few minutes late—will not be accepted and signify failure of the MRP submission process. The student will have to register for another semester in order to re-submit the draft within the deadline.

The draft of the major research paper will usually be about 50 pages in length, double-spaced, including footnotes, endnotes, tables and figures, but excluding bibliography and appendices. The structure and content should follow prior discussions between the student and supervisor, and should closely reflect the structure and content of the final copy.

Final copy A student may not submit their MRP until all program requirements have been completed before or during the session of the final submission. Once this has been signed, students should submit to the school only an electronic copy PDF or Word documents are accepted, no separate appendices to apit uOttawa.

The final version of the Major research papers should include, in addition to the criteria required for the draft, a title page, a table of contents, a one-page abstract, and a complete bibliography. The format of papers may vary according to the academic discipline in question.

It is expected that most papers, including theoretical papers, will consist of policy relevant research or policy analysis. Please note that late submissions will not be accepted and signify failure of the MRP submission process.

The student will have to register for another semester to complete the program. The only possible exception is a one week extension only under valid extenuating circumstances occurring shortly before a deadline serious illness, death of a family member or medical emergency involving a close family member with a valid medical or death certificate.

Otherwise, the penalties associated with late submissions are strictly enforced. This policy aims to reinforce the essential employability skill of time management, while ensuring that all students are treated equitably and do not gain an unfair advantage by choosing to submit their work late.

Evaluation At the time of registration of the MRP topic and appointment of research supervisor, the student and the supervisor must suggest up to three potential second readers on the appropriate form. The supervisor and one other reader assigned by the program coordinator mark the major research paper.

Students will be assessed on the quality, accuracy, and originality of the analysis, the logic of their organization, the extent of the research conducted for the paper and the relevance of the material used, and the clarity and correctness of expression.

Both professors have 3 weeks after the submission of the final copy to submit their grades. A numerical grade on a total of points is awarded by the supervisor and second reader.

See the grading Scheme in the useful links on this page. When the 2 grades have a difference of 21 points or more, a third reader will be assigned. The latter will have two weeks to assess the MRP.A longer paper or essay presented for completion of a 4-year bachelor's degree is sometimes called a major paper.

High-quality research papers presented as the empirical study of a "postgraduate" consecutive bachelor with Honours or Baccalaureatus Cum The minimum page length is generally (and not formally) pages (or about , 10 WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER detailed sheet of instructions defining the major research assignment, these instructions will suggest specific kinds of topics.

The assigned length of the paper was eight double-spaced typed pages, approximately 2, words.

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What Is A Standard Length Of An Academic Research Paper