Independent study paper electoral college

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Independent study paper electoral college

The Electoral College is not on the votes cast directly by the people but by a group of people elected by the citizens.

Independent study paper electoral college

This group of officials known also as "presidential electors" is the Electoral College. Each state is assigned a certain number of candidates. In total, the United States has presidential electors.

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These officials decide which candidates will become the next president and vice president of the United States. I think the Electoral College should be abolished for many reasons.

Independent study paper electoral college

To begin with, it gives more weight to the votes cast in small states. Second, since the Electoral College is "winner takes all", people who disagree with the majority in their state are not represented. Finally, the people should have the right to choose who ruled their country since they are capable enough to do so.

Also it shows how unfair the system is. A candidate, who loses popular California by a few votes, receives no electoral votes to show for his or her effort. The Electoral College gives disproportionate power relative to the states vote, which favors smaller states with more electoral votes per person.

It means that the smaller states are overrepresented and their votes have more weight than they should per person, compared with larger populations have less weight per person.

Based in Document B "The independent candidates - Anderson in and Perot in - received no electoral votes. It means that the candidate who receives the most popular votes wins all the electoral votes of that state.

This is unfair becauseThe Electoral College is a method of indirectly selecting the President of the United States. It provided for a check on direct election by the people if . DEFENDING ELECTORAL COLLEGE 2 Tara Ross, an attorney and author of Enlightened Democracy: The Case of the Electoral College claimed, The election of caused many Americans to focus, perhaps for the first time, on the existence of the Electoral College.

Recommended Citation. Wiley, Douglas S., "The Electoral College: Federalism in Operation" (). Senior Independent Study Theses Archive. Paper Electoral College Research Paper Electoral College research papers examine the role and value of the system of voting in Presidential Campaigns.

Research papers on the Electoral College exmine whether or not the electoral college is still a viable means to decide a president.

The Electoral College system the founders designed requires two rounds of voting—one being a popular at the state level, and then another by the delegates chosen by . Jan 24,  · The question posed is "Is the Electoral College the Best Way to Select the President?" There are two outstanding flaws in the Electoral College and two logical reasons to keep the method instated which will be presented in the following.

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