Icarus project

The article described his experiences being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Icarus project

IARPA-BAA Sensemaking refers to the remarkable human ability to detect patterns in data, and to infer the underlying causes of those patterns - even when the data are sparse, noisy, and uncertain.

The focus of the ICArUS Program is to understand and model how humans engage in the sensemaking process, both during optimal and suboptimal biased performance.

Icarus project

Of particular interest are cognitive biases related to attention, memory, and decision making. A unique aspect of ICArUS is the focus on developing neuroscience-based cognitive models of sensemaking - that is, models whose functional architecture conforms closely to that of the human brain. A key assumption of the program is that adherence to the underlying biological principles of cognition will lead to the development of models that more accurately predict human sensemaking performance in both the cognitive and behavioral domains.

Although the current context task environment of ICArUS is on geospatial sensemaking, the goal to model the fundamental mechanisms underlying sensemaking will nonetheless illuminate the process by which analysts make sense of a variety of intelligence data.

The primary deliverables of ICArUS will be cognitive models instantiated as executable software that interface with a configurable, simulated geospatial task environment. ICArUS cognitive models, in conjunction with the task environment, may be used by the analytic community including methodologists, educators, and analysts to examine how different analytic approaches and different task parameters affect analytic outcomes.

These insights, in turn, may lead to the development of new structured analytic methods that improve analysis quality by minimizing the negative impact of human cognitive bias.

In addition, by illuminating the underlying neural mechanisms that give rise to human sensemaking, ICArUS research will lay the groundwork for the development of a new generation of automated analysis tools that replicate the unique strengths of human sensemaking.The Icarus Project is a media and activist endeavor broadly aligned to a Recovery approach, arguing that mental illness should be understood as an issue of social justice and that a person's mental state can improve through greater social support and collective liberation.

It shares similarities with the academic fields of Psychopolitics and Mad . Play Icarus Project. Help young Icarus get as far as possible thanks to his inventions. Watch the fuel and the temperature while you dodge all kinds of obstacles. As a group it was decided that a 1/3rd scale model was to be produced for the project demonstration in week six (Monday 28th February) of the project.

The aim of the prototype build was to gain essential experience in model aircraft manufacture and to be able to test our initial design against the design.

TIP is a good organization but lacks ability to debate and think rationally. It gives out good info but disagreements within its own following can lead to finger pointing and accusation hurling. I hope this changes in the future but that is to be seen/5(17).

The content and the skill that was put into this documentary was awesome.

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Not only was the information and sleuthing well documented, the way the story was told was riveting. Project Icarus is a volunteer theoretical engineering study to design an interstellar spacecraft.

The project was launched on September 30th at the British Interplanetary Society HQ in London.

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