How to write a legal custody paper

This document has 12 sections and filling the factual information in every section is necessary. The form requires furnishing information in the text as well as a selection of options by marking the appropriate boxes.

How to write a legal custody paper

The court systems have now made it easier for individuals to file their own child custody papers. Most Circuit Courts now have forms on their website which can easily be downloaded and printed off. Go to the website of the Circuit Court in your County. There should be a link to forms.

Child Custody forms would be categorized under "Family". Look through the forms. These two documents will list the date, time and the judge or family court commissioner before whom the hearing is to be held, and the address of the Courthouse where the hearing will take place.

Child Custody forms also come with an Affidavit for your signature. This document is where you will state your reasons for filing the Child Custody papers.

If you cannot locate the forms, or your Circuit Court does not have forms on their website. Go to the Courthouse and ask for a child custody packet. The forms are usually free until you file them.

Free Online Custody Forms - Child Custody Forms

Then there is usually a filing fee. The Court will provide you with a date and time for the hearing and assign a judge or family court commissioner to the case. Once the forms have been filled out, filed, and you have a hearing date.

how to write a legal custody paper

You will need to serve a set of papers on the other party. Check in your yellow pages to find out if there are private process servers in your area.

If the child custody papers are to be served out of town, the same procedure would apply. This will need to be filed with the Court prior to the hearing date to prove that service on the other party has been completed. On another note, if you are a single parent and wish to appoint someone to look after your children in the event something should happen to you, then you need to draft a Last Will and Testament naming someone as Guardian for your minor children.

For more information on how to draft a Last Will and Testament, please see the link below.

Filing for Child Custody

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Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.The primary function of a legal guardianship document is to transfer parental authority to another party.

The document should be a statement opening with the name, phone number, city, state and zip code of the parent(s) with legal custodial authority. Then fill in the name of the children and their birth dates.

It has the same legal effect as your testimony on the witness stand. Under certain circumstances, the Court may decide a case such as a court-appointed expert who will perform a child custody evaluation. Write truthfully. Whether written or oral, your . Getting Legal Help with a Petition to Modify Child Custody Modifying child custody is a difficult process that requires carefully-crafted arguments and legally-sufficient proof in order to convince a court that something as disruptive as a change in custody is in the best interest of the child.

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I Need a Custody Order. This toolkit tells you about getting a custody, parenting time, and child support order. support order. This toolkit is for you if you are not married to your children's other parent. If you are married and need a custody order, if the other parent has sole legal custody and has filed a motion asking the court.

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