How the invention of the automobile changed peoples way of life

Whether you love them or hate them, use them often or occasionally, you likely have to admit that cars play a leading role in our lives. They have shaped our culture, our behavior; they have deeply changed our outlook on the world and marked our imagination. Countless songs, poems and books have been written about them.

How the invention of the automobile changed peoples way of life

Nobody is exactly sure of who invented it but numerous civilizations have been using it. It allowed us to travel faster, build structures and make many other machines. It has revolutionized our eating habit, by giving us access to lots of different types of food items through preservation.

It enhanced communication around the world. This invention of Graham Bell paved way for many others innovations. In short, it made education much more easier and accesible. Had the light bulb not been invented, electricity would have been very expensive.

The invention of computer raised the bar of human intelligence. Computer allows us to enter a different virtual world.

How the invention of the automobile changed peoples way of life

It is used in business, for leisure, controlling satellites and so much more. It was invented by Charles Babbage. It started as a horseless carriage and now it is used by all and sundry.

It has made travelling fast and easy; distances are no longer a problem. The modern version of the automible was introduced by Karl Benz in the late 19th century. The first engine had a very low efficiency but it was a great step forward from the days when we had to use hands to operate machines.

It has paved way to industrial revolution. Its history dates back to the Roman empire. Internet is an advanced communication system through which we can transfer data, pictures, videos, letters, information etc. A single person did not create the internet, and was already under the use of US military before it was introduced to the public in the last decade of the 20th century.The video on the right discusses all of the things that were impacted by the automobile.

Cities, rural families, and businesses were greatly influenced. Roads and traffic systems were put in place to direct people from place to place as a result of the automobiles. What is an invention that changed our lives at every moment?

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Devender Saini, Which invention changed our life? If cars got popular fast, they started changing the world pretty fast too. With their new freedom of movement, people no longer needed to live close to their workplace. They could settle down further away and have more space: the suburb, a significant emblem of the North American way of life, was born.

Before the 's Americans use to walk and ride their horses for transportation. But when Henry Ford came along, he invented the first car that would drastically change American lives. Computers have changed our lives in so many ways, from landing on the moon to simply browsing the web, none of it would have been possible without them.

In fact, it’s hard to think of any aspect of life that has not been improved by computers. Oct 27,  · Essay Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?

The recent decades have seen incredible development in transportation vehicles. Our everyday lives have been tremendously changed by most of these modern vehicles, among which automobile is a good example.

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