How i made a good first impression essay

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How i made a good first impression essay

How often do we judge someone in just the first meeting? I strongly believe that first impression has a biggest impact about a person or any other thing on human beings.

I would say, it happens every time. The behavior of the person in the first meeting is the first step which generally decides how we would treat the person whenever we meet him or her the next time. There is a lot to do with the first impression. For an author he can be a sought after author only when his first publication gets accepted and meets or exceeds the reader's expectations.

For a film actor or director, it's the first film they work in creates an impression in the viewer's mind. For a player it's his first performance that can help a great deal to his chances of making it to the team.

For a job seeker, it's his first impression during the interview that would help him get the Job. For a cricket batsman, it's the first ball that he receives from the bowler which decides how he is going to treat the bowler.

So, there are a lot of firsts in life which are really very important to create a lasting impression. However, first impression should never be treated as the last impression.

There a various examples that can be cited to support this argument. It has happened so many times in my life that the person with whom I was not very impressed in the first meeting turned out to be very impressive in subsequent meetings.

I have various examples of my friends, who have been helpful to me in the time of need, which I never thought would ever turn up when required, based on their first impression.

I felt like he would not be able to stay in the team more than a couple of tours. But, to my surprise he completely changed my impression and became the spearhead of Indian batting. The world cup and then the test matches and finally even in the world cup, his display of gritty and never give up attitude had a large role which helped Indian team achieve the improbable feats.

Same goes with Virat Kohli. He came on the scene as one arrogant spoilt youngster. But, when you see his performances, he has made me change my impression of him as a player.

The great legend Amitabh Bachchan was written off after his first film Saat Hindustaani. But, his performance in Zanjeer as an angry young man completely changed is first impression. When we saw Ajay Devgan for the first time, who would have thought that he has got such brilliant acting talent.

If everyone is judged only on the basis of first impression and there would have been no second or third chances of improvement, we would have never seen such individual brilliances.

How i made a good first impression essay

So on a closing note; I would like to repeat that first impression is NOT the last impression. We should give it enough chances before we can get completely convinced about the impression of a person or anything else in life.

First Impression is Not Always the Last Impression When you meet someone, do you automatically assume and form opinions about who they are? Do you make assumptions in your head about that person andFirst Impression Staple #3: Introductions I put together a video on using your introductions to make a good first impression for my premium course on social skills, How to Talk to Anybody.

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How i made a good first impression essay

A first impressions study conducted by Kelton confirmed that smiles were vital markers of a good first impression. According to the survey, one-third of Americans typically notice someone’s teeth first, and another 24% remember teeth more than any other physical feature after meeting someone new.

Now that you’ve come to understand why a first impression is so important, you’re probably wondering what makes for a good one. Well you’re in luck, because next week we’ll offer a practical primer on its most important element.

Introduction Paragraphs.. It is true that the first impression—whether it’s a first meeting with a person or the first sentence of a paper—sets the stage for a lasting impression. The introductory paragraph of any paper, long or short, should start with a sentence that peaks the interest of readers.

First Impressions A first impression is a lasting impression. This is why it is important that your first impression to people be acceptable. Depending on how you present yourself, as of dealing with your attitude, is very important when it comes to first impressions.

Candidate 3. Candidate 3 made a bad first impression, which immediately brought them into a negative starting position. Their interview performance was just as good as Candidates 1 & 2, which ultimately left an overall positive impression.

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