Dyspraxia handwriting aids for pencils

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Dyspraxia handwriting aids for pencils

References and Resources Developmental Stages Of Holding A Pencil There are a few stages of development that most children go through as they learn to master the use of a crayon or pencil. These stages usually correspond to an increase in postural stability, strengthening of the core and shoulder muscles, and increasing dexterity of the wrist, hand and finger muscles.

In other words, as your child's body matures and strengthens, so the way your child grasps a crayon will develop and mature. You would not expect your toddler to walk and run and skip like a 6 year old, so why expect your toddler to hold a pencil like a 6-year old?

Their little bodies need to mature in all kinds of ways in order to develop a mature pencil grasp at the right time. But if we force the "correct grip" before the muscles are developmentally ready to control the pencil in that way, we run the risk of awkward pencil grasps emerging.

However, there are many different factors affecting handwriting, and a poor pencil grip may be just one factor that affects the handwriting. Studies have shown that dexterity of hand and finger muscles has a big influence on handwriting ability along with good visual-motor integration skills.

The pencil grip is therefore important inasmuch as it allows the child to use the fingers freely or not. When the fingers can move freely with the correct amount of control, the pencil can be turned and manipulated to form the different letters accurately.

If your child has a reasonably efficient pencil grasp, but still struggles with handwriting, perhaps rather concentrate on improving visual-motor integration skills for flow and legibility of letter formations. To view some of the pencil grips that are considered to be the most functional, pop over to my page on Efficient Pencil Grasps.

This in turn may affect handwriting, because the child will be using the wrist and arm muscles to move the pencil and form letters.

dyspraxia handwriting aids for pencils

The pencil grip alone is not usually the cause of the poor handwriting. A poor pencil grip is often compensating for other skills that are missing or weak, and an OT will be able to see what skills need to be worked on. Check out my page of Poor Pencil Grips for more information and pics.

A poor pencil grip together with messy handwriting can be a symptom of dyslexia. This link goes to an article on the Dyslexia website. Contrary to popular opinion, pencil-and-paper activities are NOT the best way to help your child develop a good pencil grasp!

Learning to hold and use a pencil or crayon does not develop in isolation from other fine motor skills. There are a number of underlying foundations that can help your child develop good fine motor skills.

If you make sure that your child is developing all these underlying skillsthen you are helping your child have a good chance at developing a functional, efficient pencil grasp.Dyspraxia pen pack – the best handwriting pens for dyspraxics – yoropen, penagain, ashio-midori.com, stabilo original and the ring-pen.

Available in blues/greens or pinks/reds.

dyspraxia handwriting aids for pencils

Only available at fantastic dyspraxic. Some writing aids work to stabilize the hand, wrist or upper arm, offering support to weakened muscles and increasing control. Other aids build hand strength. They help a child grasp and manipulate a pencil effectively. Depending on the need being addressed and the construction of the particular device, pediatric writing aids may serve to: provide wrist and forearm support.

It is large and soft allowing for extra control when handwriting; Known to be a good Dyslexic and Arthritic Aid for its ease of use Plus, it can be used on any writing and drawing instruments such as pens, pencils and crayons.

Summary of key benefits. It is easy and comfortable to use From sensory aids to fidget toys to educational.

Dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. Associated with this there are often problems of language, perception and thought. Movement: gross and fine motor skills are hard to learn, difficult to retain and generalise, and hesitant and awkward in performance.

In congenital radioulnar synostosis there is congenital fusion of the proximal ends of the radius and ulna, fixing the forearm in varying degrees of pronation.

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