Desertation on theoretical framework internet banking

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Desertation on theoretical framework internet banking

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Create Account Critical Perspectives on Cybersecurity: PhD thesis, University of Leeds. Request a copy Abstract The thesis critically examines the challenges of implementing cybersecurity in Nigeria.

It focuses in particular on identity-related cybercrimes in e-payment systems. The thesis follows two broad lines of investigation. Second, the thesis examines the societal, institutional and political considerations that affect the legal and regulatory responses to identity-related cybercrimes or that explain the lack of such responses.

The research reveals that social perceptions of cybercrimes and political interference in law making process, as well as lack of proper identity management systems are crucial factors which affect the development and effectiveness of cybersecurity laws in Nigeria.

The research also reveals that policy proposals for cybersecurity have focused extensively on criminal legislation and that this approach has marginalised the roles of data protection and identity management laws in preventing identity-related cybercrimes.

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The thesis however concludes that although laws are crucial, and cybercrimes are global, the development of cybersecurity laws must be moderated by an understanding of the legal and regulatory challenges as well as the socio-cultural and political factors in Nigeria.

The thesis makes specific recommendations for developing laws and policies on cybersecurity in Nigeria.I, Kumudini Heenetigala, declare that the DBA thesis entitled Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Performance of Listed Companies in Sri Lankais no more than 65, words in length, exclusive tables, figures, appendices, references and of.

The theoretical framework suggests an aggregate measure of credit market inefficiency which we show can be applied to UK administrative panel data to explain how far the dramatic productivity slowdown in the wake of the crisis is due to credit market frictions. Oct 14,  · The theoretical framework is one of the more infamous components of a dissertation.

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A good theoretical framework gives you a strong scientific research base and provides support for the rest of your what exactly is /5(K). of selecting an appropriate theoretical framework for one’s research. Finally, we highlight strategies and techniques for implementing a theoretical framework in a dissertation study.

Desertation on theoretical framework internet banking

UNDERSTANDING THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK What is a Theoretical Framework? The theoretical framework is the “blueprint” for the entire dissertation inquiry.

Introduction: The Public Health Agency of Canada developed the Chronic Disease Indicator Framework (the Framework) with the goal of systematizing and enhancing chronic disease surveillance in Canada by providing the basis for consistent and reliable information on chronic diseases and their determinants.

Using Lessig’s theory of modalities of regulation as a theoretical framework, the thesis highlights the primacy of laws in defining privacy and security standards as well as technical standards for the protection of users of e-payment services.

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