Campaign writing desk

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Campaign writing desk

December 4, Last Updated: Colin Oberin Dictation results in better structured and more creative writing Campaign writing desk letters, essays etc. Colin Oberin has very kindly agreed to write about knowledge of the art of dictation.

His dictation was generally to a secretary taking shorthand or to a tape recorder for later transcription, but many of the principles are the same as when dictating for a speech to text program such as Dragon Dictate. I have added notes where appropriate to explain how these ideas can be used specifically by Dragon Dictate users.

However, I clearly remember the first one.

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Exactly 2 months after my sixteenth birthday I started work and during the very first week I was asked to write a letter to one of our customers. I remember sitting at my desk jotting a few words on a pad and then crossing them out again as I tried to work out how to write a professional sounding letter.

At that moment the Sales Manager walked by and asked how I was getting on in my first week. He then asked what the sales staff had me doing. I naively said I had been asked to write this letter.

How To Dictate – The Principles

I was instantly relieved — but then I found out what he had in mind. After sitting me down in his office the Sales Manager called in his secretary. In those days letters were typed on manual typewriters using carbon paper between the pages to generate a copy for the file.

That was a specialist job and mistakes were hard to correct so it was important to get it right first time. Most letters were dictated to a secretary always female in those sexist days who took down the letter in shorthand and then typed it up later.

Letters could also be hand written and handed to the secretary to be typed up but I later discovered that this was frowned upon. The secretary was friendly and polite but old enough to be my mother and as she sat there with her pencil poised and shorthand pad balanced on her knee I was petrified.

The Sales Manager asked me what I wanted to say in my letter. Not surprisingly I was dumbstruck. He then told me that in future I was to dictate all my letters to one of the secretaries and that although he was happy for me to write my letters out by hand while I was still learning what to say, I should screw up the handwritten draft before I started dictating.

It was a tough initiation but a lesson which stood me in good stead for the rest of my career. I just jotted down a few points to guide my thinking and was then ready to start dictating. After a year or two I was able to dictate even complex letters without any written notes and only a rough outline in my head.

How To Dictate — The Principles The aim of dictation is, of course, to clearly and concisely convey verbally, the wording you want converted to written form. While I was learning the art of dictating to a secretary, the secretary would give me tips on how to dictate in a way which made it easier for her to understand what I wanted typed.

If I was mumbling or not speaking clearly enough, or not explaining what punctuation I wanted, the secretary would remind me.

In that way mistakes were minimised and accuracy improved. Therefore you need to work out for yourself the technique which gets the best results from your program. Whether dictating for human or automatic transcription, the same principles apply and, based on my experience, attention to the following points should improve your dictation skills and hence the accuracy of the transcribed result: Engage brain before mouth Knowing what you want to say before you start to speak is important.

Start by writing out what you want to say and then reading it aloud to the dictation program. Then try dictating from memory what you have written rather than actually reading aloud and see if that works better.

As your technique improves so will the accuracy of transcription by the program. With practice you should progress from writing out what you want to dictate to just jotting down an outline and ultimately to just making a written or in time mental note of points you want to cover before you start dictating.

Figure out what comes first, what points I need to make, what comes last. Listen critically as if you had to write down what is said and see if you can improve clarity next time. But you can and should monitor your volume in the Dragon Dictate status window.

Avoid fillers You know when we are not sure what to say, you know, we fill the space with, umm, fillers. Avoid them or, you know, the program will, err, type them.Doing activities with your children allows you to promote their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time.

These activities for pre-readers, beginning readers, and older readers includes what you need and what to do for each one. So what's plain English? First let's say what plain English isn't and destroy some of the myths about it. • It's not 'cat sat on the mat’ or 'Janet and John' writing. You'll love the Campaign Writing Desk at Wayfair - Great Deals on all Furniture products with Free Shipping on most stuff, even the big stuff.

This modern, high gloss desk is /5(). The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is the state’s public health, law, and human services university devoted to excellence in professional and graduate .

The perfect place to pen notes and tackle weekly to-dos, this writing desk turns any empty space into a convenient workspace. Its campaign-style poplar wood construction brings clean, modern appeal to your decor, while a pair of French dovetail drawers – complete with decorative hardware and set on wood glides – hold pens, notebooks, and more.

Campaign writing desk

The Writing Center will be open for regular hours in Spring until Wednesday, April The Writing Center provides one-on-one writing consultations for all Coastal students, regardless of major.

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