Benefits of legilaizing marijuana essay

Marijuana legalization is a commonly debated topic in our nation.

Benefits of legilaizing marijuana essay

An estimated 66 million people - or one-third of all Americans - have tried marijuana; and roughly 12 million of them are current users. It is used for medical treatments, pleasure, and things we use and see today. It also has many side effects, health hazards, and health issues.

Marijuana is the term generally used to describe the flowering tops and leaves of the Indian hemp plant. The first of the three is cannabis sativa which is loosely branched that can reach a height of 18 feet.

The second one is Cannabis indica which is smaller, more densely branched plant, often cone-shaped, and usually no more than four feet in height. The last kind is cannabis ruderalis which is a small dense plant with few or no branches that grows to between one and three feet in height and is indigenous in part of Asia.

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There are two types of hemp, a female and a male. The female usually produces more potent marijuana then the male. The higher the potency, the higher the price.

Marijuana grows all over the world naturally and by farmers. Many doctors use marijuana as a drug for patients. In cancer chemotherapy the THC in marijuana reduces vomiting and nausea and alleviates pretreatment anxiety.

If you have AIDS-related wasting marijuana improves your appetite and forestalls the loss of lean muscle mass. Some of the advantages marijuana has on multiple sclerosis is it reduces muscle pain and plasticity cause by the disease, and may also help some patients with bladder control and relieve tremor.

It can also prevent epileptic seizures for epilepsy patients. When marijuana is smoked it reduces pressure within the eye, but may also reduce blood flow to the optic nerve, exacerbating the loss of vision for people with glaucoma.Legalizing Marijuana The literature in support of medical marijuana is robust and continues to grow.

Medical marijuana has been shown to aid in the treatment of symptoms for AIDS and cancer. It can also serve as an immuno-modulator and analsgesic.

A Research Paper Sample: Marijuana Should Be Legalized

These 20 medical benefits of marijuana are among the countless benefits this plant has. It is still puzzling how medical marijuana is still not legal in most of the country, and still retains such a .

Aug 26,  · Marijuana: Benefits, Myths, and Legalization One of the largest social issues and debates out there today deals with the legalization and status of marijuana.

There are valid arguments but to me and many others, only on one side. Essay: Marijuana Marijuana is one of the most controversial substances today. Classified by the federal government as an illegal drug yet legalized in two states, the data on its addictiveness, effects, and potency seems conflicting.

Benefits Of Marijuana Essay Examples.

Benefits of legilaizing marijuana essay

29 total results. An Essay on the Advantages and Benefits of Using Marijuana. 1, words. An Analysis of the Possible Benefits of the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States.

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1, words. 3 pages. The Medical Usage of Marijuana. 1, words. 3 pages. Have attached the legalization of marijuana argumentative essay topics for the expected referendum to mind,. What do the argument for legalization of controversial topic legal. Topic for marijuana research paper on medical use marijuana take over marijuana legalization of marijuana legalization of marijuana.

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