Barack obama signature handwriting analysis

Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques. Schmidt of the Air Force, and dealing with: The recommendation was overruled by General Bantz J.

Barack obama signature handwriting analysis

Cancel List of Bookmarks Special Report: In the Watergate era, liberals warned about U. Ten illustrative texts from their exchange appear at the end of this article.

Girlfriend Page cannot be happy at being misled by his assurance that using office phones would be a secure way to conduct their affair s.

It would have been unfortunate enough for Strzok and Page to have their adolescent-sounding texts merely exposed, revealing the reckless abandon of star-crossed lovers hiding they thought secrets from cuckolded spouses, office colleagues, and the rest of us.

However, for the never-Trump plotters in the FBI, the official release of barack obama signature handwriting analysis a fraction of almost 10, messages does incalculably more damage than that. We suddenly have documentary proof that key elements of the U.

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And that puts in a new and dark context the year-long promotion of Russia-gate. It now appears that it was not the Russians trying to rig the outcome of the U.

More of the Strzok-Page texting dialogue is expected to be released. And the Department of Justice Inspector General reportedly has additional damaging texts from others on the team that Special Counsel Robert Mueller selected to help him investigate Russia-gate. Besides forcing the removal of Strzok and Page, the text exposures also sounded the death knell for the career of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in whose office some of the plotting took place and who has already announced his plans to retire soon.

Ironically, the Strzok-Page texts provide something that the Russia-gate investigation has been sorely lacking: The Russia-gate narrative always hinged on the preposterous notion that Russian President Vladimir Putin foresaw years ago what no American political analyst considered even possible, the political ascendancy of Donald Trump.

According to the narrative, the fortune-telling Putin then risked creating even worse tensions with a nuclear-armed America that would — by all odds — have been led by a vengeful President Hillary Clinton. President Donald Trump delivering his inaugural address on Jan.

Screen shot from Whitehouse. Despite the extraordinary gravity of the charge, even New York Times correspondent Scott Shane noted that proof was lacking. He wrote at the time: Though the Powell ploy fizzled, the hope of somehow removing Trump from office continued to bubble, fueled by the growing hysteria around Russia-gate.

For months, the Times and other newspapers of record repeated the lie that all 17 U. Other warnings from veteran U. All normal journalistic skepticism was jettisoned.

On the home front, Trump, his wealthy friends, and like-thinkers in Congress may now feel they have an even wider carte blanche to visit untold misery on the poor, the widow, the stranger and other vulnerable humans.

There is no little irony in the fact that what did in the FBI sweathearts was their visceral disdain for Mr.

barack obama signature handwriting analysis

Trump, their cheerleading-cum-kid-gloves treatment of Mrs. Worst of all for them, the very thing that Strzok, in particular, worked so hard to achieve — the sabotaging of Trump and immunization of Mrs.

Clinton and her closest advisers is now coming apart at the seams. The latter course would mean confronting a powerful Deep State and its large toolbox of well-practiced retaliatory techniques, including J.

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Edgar Hoover-style blackmail on steroids, enabled by electronic surveillance of just about everything and everyone. We now know that the supposedly apolitical FBI officials had huge political axes to grind. The Strzok-Page exchanges drip with disdain for Trump and those deemed his smelly deplorable supporters.

In one text message, Strzok expressed visceral contempt for those working-class Trump voters, writing on Aug.So, on Jan. 6, , President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released an evidence-free report that he said was compiled by “hand-picked” analysts from the CIA, FBI and NSA, offering an “assessment” that Russia and President Putin were behind the release of the Democratic emails in a plot to help Trump win the presidency.

Insight Analytical took a more detailed approach of examining a handwritten note left by Obama at the Western Wall in Israel in and copied samples of the Barack Obama signature on . Feb 26,  · The science of graphology/handwriting analysis reveals every facet of the writer’s personality – level of integrity, mental and physical health, measure of .

Hillary Clinton Handwriting Hillary Clinton Personality overview according to the handwriting analysis report Hillary Clinton’s handwriting is simplified and rhythmic, denoting a manner that is both forthright and candid, although not without charm.

Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture. Feb 25,  · Right now, Obama's signature averages in the high hundreds, while George W.

barack obama signature handwriting analysis

Bush's signature is less, according to Lutz. Bill Clinton's signature, signed .

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