An introduction to the issue of a library budget cut

Instead of just asking for more, budget presentations must tie performance and justification to requests for increases.

An introduction to the issue of a library budget cut

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January 19, ; Lancaster Online According to Ephrata library director Penny Talbert, alternate funding streams are key. In addition to the room rentals and Friends group income that many libraries put to use, Ephrata has established a passport office and post office at its library.

Eleven staff members have returned to the Ephrata Public library after being laid-off due to financial constraints in November of last year.

But the burning platform the library is on continues to smolder, making the organization agile and creative…and probably pretty stressed out. Libraries across Pennsylvania have seen a sharp reduction in funding received from the state — while Pennsylvania distributed Ephrata Public Library has certainly been affected by these cuts.

Continued reductions in the operating budget revenue led to the layoff of staff in November as well as a cancellation of free programs and the limitation of operating hours to the state minimum of 45 hours per week.

Though the staff has returned for the new year with reduced hours, library programs that cannot sustain themselves will be eliminated and minimum operating hours will continue in Several hours away in Washington County, PA, other libraries are seeing the effects of a reduced operating budget from lost school district support.

For Chartiers-Houston Library, that means one-third of the total operating budget is gone. Combined with the lack of state funds, the Board of Chartiers-Houston Library believes that closure might be in the near future. As these libraries and countless others struggle to balance budgets, innovation away from the reliance on governmental funding streams becomes increasingly necessary.

Through innovation and collaborative effortsmany libraries are working to find a way to remain open and available to their community. The Ephrata library strives to continue to develop these funding avenues in order to create financial reserves and future stability: As libraries become vital in filtering though an overload of available information and serve as evolving community centers for life-long learningusage of libraries nationwide continues to climb.

Though many predicted libraries to become irrelevant, just the opposite is true as their relevance in society has never been more vital. Libraries are a place for immigrants to learn English and a place where the unemployed can look for and apply to jobs.Nov 16,  · Klipsch, the Jefferson County Library system director, thinks a lot of people are confused about how libraries are actually funded, and that's part of a larger issue.

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Get started now! Mar 04,  · Today, President Barack Obama released his budget request for the fiscal year.

An introduction to the issue of a library budget cut

The proposed budget for the Library Services and Technology Act falls $2 million short from the $ million enacted by the U.S. Congress for the fiscal year. Library budget issue At their December 19, , meeting, the members of the Vernon Selectboard voted to reduce the budget of the Vernon Free Library by $39, The Library is petitioning to place an article before the voters at the March Town Meeting to restore $39, to the Library budget.

Definition of Library budget: A budget is a financial statement of the estimated revenues and expenditures of an institution for a definite period of time. It is not only a financial estimate of income and expenditures for a stated period but also in the words of Wilson and Tauber, it represents a logical, comprehensive and .

A brutal year for the UK’s public libraries has been topped off with the revelation that the sector took a £25m hit to its budgets in the year to March, as calculated in official figures.

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